On December 1st, the games begin!


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$5,000 Est. Value

Dear book enthusiasts (updated 11.30.20):

Visit www.JosephusNovel.com every day in December to be entered for the weekly prizes, and the GRAND PRIZE gold Aureus coin of Emperor Vespasian from 78 C.E. (actual picture to the right, worth an est. $5,000) to go to one lucky entrant from the entire sweepstakes period.


Grand Prize drawing to be held on January 1, 2021, live on www.facebook.com/JosephusNovel at 6pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern Time!


Remember, you can earn entries by answering the 'Question of the Week' about Josephus: A Novel, also by sharing the sweepstakes competition links socially with friends, and simply for signing up for free at www.JosephusNovel.com starting December 1st, 2020! 


On the first day of each new competition week, the 'Question of the Day' will be posted.


Here are the schedule of events for 'A MONTH of GAMES & GIVEAWAYS' starting December 1st, 2020:


Week of December 1-7; Prizes include an new Amazon Kindle e-reader, a free copy of Josephus sent to your Kindle, a copy of Lion Feuchtwanger's Josephus from  1937, and a $100 PlayStation gift card!


Week of December 8-14; Prizes include a signed hardcover of Josephus: A Novel, a copy of the Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus, printed in the 1820's, a 'COINAPP' NFC card, and a $50 HULU gift card!


Week of December 15-21; Prizes include a replica Roman wax writing tablet, the board game 'Concordia,' a $100 Starbucks gift card, and a signed copy of the hardcover of Josephus: A Novel!


Week of December 22 to the month's end; Prizes include a $100 Amazon.com gift card, a signed hardcover copy of Josephus: A Novel, a 'COINAPP' NFC card, and a copy of Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus' 12 Caesars printed in 1671.


The games begin December 1st!



Earlier Update: 

When I wrote Josephus: A Novel, I wanted the whole world to be able to read it and have fun in addition to learning about the great forgotten story of antiquity.

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on traditional marketing like the big publishers do, I wanted to give back directly to those that enjoy a quality novel about ancient times by making my book available to the masses for free.

That's right, though the hardcover will set you back $36.95 plus T&S (and let's be honest, it's totally worth it!) after the pre-sale prices go away, you can still borrow Josephus: A Novel, the Kindle edition, from Amazon's Lending Library at absolutely $0.00 cost to you, if you have an Amazon Prime membership. If not, you can always get a free trial of Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited and read my novel for free.

It gets even better! In the spirit of the games in ancient Rome, Josephus: A Novel is partnering with ViralSweep.com to create an interactive reading experience like you've never before seen. 

Between December 1st, 2020 and December 31th, 2020 you can win weekly prizes for entering the sweepstakes. Entry is free, but if you correctly answer the "Question of the Week,' you get bonus entries towards the weekly prize, and the grand prize drawing on January 1st for a nearly 2,000 year old gold coin of Roman Emperor Vespasian (who features in the novel)! Weekly Prize Approximate value: $50-100; Grand Prize Approximate Value: $5,000.00! 

NOTE: Each week, the 'Question of the Week' will be based on the content based on certain chapters announced beforehand. All questions are one word answers and obvious to the reader, but unknowable to the guesser. On January 1, 2021, all valid entries from the entire 31 day gaming period will be put into a hat and one lucky winner will win the Grand Prize!

Be sure to follow www.facebook.com/JosephusNovel on Facebook, follow @bmichaelantler on Twitter & Instagram or subscribe to the Josephus Novel website email list (on the header of this website) to be notified of all updates and reminders of when the contest starts! Remember to come back to this page on December 1st, when the fun beings!

The sweepstakes is open to the U.S., U.K., and Canada (excluding Québec),  eligible residents. More information on game rules, prizes and the 'Question of the Week' to come soon!


Gold Aureus of Emperor Vespasian from 78 C.E. Estimated Value: $5,000.00!
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